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Categories of gastronomy services and British cuisine

This master thesis contains theoretical and practical aspects of British cuisine. The author is of an opinion that the cuisine is worth recommending and it is possible to introduce in into Polish menu. Apparently such an implementation is seems rational and not too expensive.

The majority of those dishes may be prepared in Poland introducing small variations to the original recipes. The most important is good will and the knowledge of practical tips. The thesis has been written on the basis of its author's observations while in the U. K.

In the master thesis the author has described the categories of gastronomy units as well as individual regions of Great Britain with short description of all regions and their characteristic, including several pictures and recipes.

The British cuisine both served every day and during festivals, consists of sandwiches, sauces, salads, pita bread, puddings and steaks. Of course the author did not forget about famous British tea and English breakfast including its photos and description.

The author hopes to change the stereotype of British cuisine, that is how tasteless it is and how much based on ready-made products.


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